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ICYMI Through December 17, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/02/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Winter is nigh upon us, according to all the usual signs. The NFL broadcasts focus on who can make the playoffs, college kids are back at home describing how grown up they are in one breath while asking Mom to do their laundry in the next, and, oh yeah, winter begins officially on Friday. Another clue? Half your emails say, “buy now to get delivery by Christmas.” Better order all those IoT home gadgets quickly. Here’s some news bits that snuck by in all the confusion.

Smell the money

Clickbait alert from The Motley Fool: “These Jaw-Dropping Facts Will Change Your Mind About the Internet of Things.” New stuff? Not particularly, but it’s always nice to see the IoT world reduced to investor-class clickbait.

Investors have been ganging up on GE for poor performance for years now. Forbes tells about how GE will spin off its industrial IoT company, (including the Predix Platform) as GED2 for GE Digital 2.0. With GE floundering, it’s hard for the IIoT group to tout innovative and leading-edge digital transformation, so look for a name change from GED2 next year.

Analytics Insight gives a nice overview of how IoT is disrupting retail.

When you see articles about smart communities like this, “Trends for 2019: Smart Cities,” in RFID Journal, it means “lots more IoT everywhere.” After all, how do cities get smart without cameras and sensors? What are cameras and sensors? IoT. Even better, cities have been talking about upgrading long enough that they’ve had time to add it to the budget. If you’re civic-minded, your city needs some IoT expertise.

Energy Manager Today passes along an AT&T IoT case study that saved Lineage Logistics $4 million per year thanks to energy monitoring of cold storage units rack by rack. More food stored per monitored shelf cut energy costs 8 percent at 78 warehouses.

If you missed the Illinois Technology Associations’ sixth annual IoT Summit (as we did), here’s a nice discussion of common “IoT pilot to production” struggles.

ABIresearch describes how consumer IoT depends on telcos and Mobile Service Providers to reach a predicted $6.6 billion market by 2023. Vodaphone is the first one to get it.

Obligatory security notes

EE Journal rings the security alarm this time, warning us that analysts predict there will be more than 80 connected devices per household in 2020 (maybe early adopters with spoiled kids). At least some advice comes with the alarms.

Download the Digicert State of Security Survey 2018 and get woke (security-wise).

Way cool IoT

Researchers Vikram Iyer and Shyam Gollakota of University of Washington created the first IoT sensor that can ride on the back of a bee. Holds 20 kilobytes and downloads gathered data via backscatter wireless.