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ICYMI through December 16, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/23/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Here’s a good reason to put off your holiday shopping until next week: the Midwest and Northeast are under severe weather alerts for snow and ice most of this week. That means nearly half of all Americans are impacted. Next week has to be better, right? Just like these newsbits we’ve gathered have to be better, so let’s get started.

Intel’s new study, “Accelerate Industrial,” highlights one of the problems with IoT adoption at many companies: the digital skills gap. Sounds like opportunity, especially for the 36% of respondents who cited the technical skills gap as their biggest problem and the 23% complaining about a lack of interoperability between protocols, components, products, and systems.

A Cisco blog quotes a customer about his smart city project in “A tale of a modern city.” Surprise: lots of Cisco IoT involved.

This is listed just because the latest Microsoft “This Week in IoT” digest is the ugly Christmas sweater edition. Make the video full screen for all the eye-searing holiday glory.

RFID Journal did IoT before it was called IoT, so its IoT Trends: What Will 2020 Bring? deserves some attention. Interesting that #2 is a prediction that Industrial IoT will overtake consumer IoT next year.

Based on a recent Gartner blog post, Yahoo! Finance (and others) are saying that 75% of IoT firms want to add blockchain. Will this finally be the year of non-coinage blockchain? Or will blockchain acceptance turn IoT devices into tiny crypto-mining bots?

Our readers in Scotland may find some opportunities as the public sector starts to leverage the IoT and smart networks for asset monitoring and service delivery.

If you need an IIoT controller, check out the new Servo2Go Exor eX700 models.

It seems hard to believe satellites are the way to communicate with low-powered IoT networks, but Sigfox will soon launch 25 nano satellites for that purpose. Since the company does a lot of asset tracking business, eliminating blind spots is important.

Ikea made a commitment to Zigbee for its smart home products by joining the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors. You will have to assemble your network with a too-small Allen wrench, however.

Frost & Sullivan gave an award to Everactive for its line of IIoT sensors that power themselves in ways that don’t involve batteries that have to be replaced.

Smart apps and IoT are part of the disruption of the home real estate sales process. Gaining access to a home thanks to a phone app and an IoT cloud-enabled door lock makes shopping without a realtor bugging you possible.

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Are you fascinated by broadcasts tracking where footballs and baseballs and the like travel? Build your own computer vision booth to analyze your dart throws.