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ICYMI Through December 10, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/17/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Winter is not yet here (December 21) but snow is. While “snow” and “southeast” may be alliterative, it’s unseasonal, especially when two feet of white stuff fall in various parts of the Carolinas (North and South). While we send warm thoughts to our southeastern friends, those lacking electricity because of the storm will miss even more IoT newsbits than we missed last week. Let’s catch up.

News from many places

IoT growth is humming right along, but experts believe widespread 5G coverage will really kick IoT into high gear, especially for big projects like Smart Cities and intelligent (if not yet self-driving) cars. Our Australian friends just auctioned off a wide swath of bandwidth. Telstra, Vodafone/TPC, Optus, and Dense Air put up a total of $852 million Australian dollars for frequencies in the 3.5 GHz spectrum.

The Norman Transcript (Oklahoma) warns us that “Smart home gear brings stupid problems,” when gifting IoT smart home technology to the non-technical. Remember, if you give IoT to family and friends, YOU are their support system. That gift card doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

The University of New South Wales in Sydney and WBS, an emergency lighting manufacturer in the city, teamed up to create a mesh network using exit signs and emergency lights as nodes. Coverage for up to 99 percent of a building, even in parking garages.

IoT for logistics remains a hot opportunity, even in Vietnam.

How far can IoT go? Into space. China just launched seven small satellites called the “ladybeetle series,” which will test a closed-loop system for monitoring IoT devices like satellites, cloud computing platforms, ground control stations, and more.

Closer to home

Companies pay McKinsey & Company mucho bucks to advise them. Get the M&C take on Industrial IoT for free in, “IIoT platforms: The technology stack as value driver in industrial equipment and machinery.” TL;DR M&C is big on IIoT.

Kellton Tech has a nice comparative analysis piece titled “A tabular compilation of IoT and IIoT.” Includes an infographic for managers.

Say hello to the ThingsCon initiative developed with support from the Mozilla Foundation to certify “Trustable Technology.” Every little bit of IoT security helps, right?

Ah, The Motley Fool clickbaits us again with an article titled “It’s Nearly 2019. Has the Internet of Things Already Failed?“ Answer: no. Just because Smart Cities aren’t a thing yet doesn’t mean IoT has failed.

IIoT security and control company CyberX joined the GE Digital Alliance Program. The company is already enrolled in GE’s GrayMatter as a software channel partner.

Old MacDonald’s farm may start using IoT to count oink oinks and moo moos and quack quacks soon. Allied Market Research says IoT in agriculture will hit $48.71 billion in 2025. That’s a lot of EIEIOs.