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ICYMI Through August 8, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/15/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

August means paralysis by analysis for true iPhone fanbois. Do you replace dying equipment today or wait until after the big show in September when Apple displays all their new products, upgrades, and dropped models? Which rumors do you trust? At least you can trust all these juicy newsbits.

The smart home market gains more vendors and products each week, making unified control a real issue. Parks Associates addresses “The Importance of the Smart Home Controller and the Platform. But wait, there’s more! Apartment managers can save money with smart home technology.

Over at CXOtoday, our security warning du jour is that more IoT means more attack vectors.

The Feds have a few concerns too, for IoT devices in healthcare and open web app vulnerabilities.

CDW’s BizTech mag offers help on securing IoT as well.

Cornell University researchers keep starting new IoT projects in the Finger Lakes area.

Here’s this week’s “What is the Internet of Things?” type of article. Or this one, actually titled, “What is the Internet of Things?

Saudi Arabia now plans to become a global center for new drone technology, including heavy lift drones for jobs like unloading ships.

Las Vegas wants tourists to return, drawn by, of all things, autonomous vehicles.

Ready for 5G at the edge? We all are, but few are more anxious than those in this article.

Feel handy and need to get MQTT messages out? You can do it with a Raspberry Pi Pico with help from Tom’s Hardware.

Ericsson’s been big into Industrial IoT since the beginning and explains how IoT-enabled condition monitoring enables smart ports. Supply chain help for the win.

Higher than average heat puts forests under stress, too. EcoSense has a grant to use IoT to monitor the effects of climate change on the interactions between plants, soil, and the atmosphere. This project will also extend to Harvard University’s “wired forest” programs.

DesignNews has a few words for designers working to understand digital experience design and the best ways to integrate this new idea into a cohesive user experience.

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Are you a wearables fan? Fanatic? Either way, share your projects with during “Wearable Tech Month.”