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ICYMI through August 6, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/13/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

August promises many things, not least of which is the start of school. Has anyone seen this Korean "Musterbag Smart Edition" backpack using IoT sensors to track our little scholars for sale in the U.S.? If so, let us know.

Close to home

The U.S. government is trying to get smarter about IoT security. By heavy-handed regulation? Nope, by the procurement process. Smarter purchasing should result in more secure networks.

Do wearables excite you? Then talk to your clients about how technology is transforming human resource management. Let's just hope "employee tracking collars" don't become a thing.

The Georgia Department of Transportation, AT&T, and Applied Information teamed up to make school zones safer with IoT.

Are you in IoT and in Houston? Verizon says the largest urban sprawl in Texas will be one of its first 5G rollout cities.

Whether for your home or for your clients, IoT makes a difference. Such a difference even outlets like The Mortgage Reports now dive deep into residential IoT.

Can IoT disrupt every industry? Indiana startup that just won a Boston accelerator slot eCeptacle says cloud-based waste management will improve trash. The IoT developer looks at garbage as data and information.

If you're in the IoT business, it's good to know about these warnings from the FBI about cyber actors (IoT devices). Nothing new, but it has a nice FBI seal.

HealthIT Security folks are taking the FBI info seriously.

No surprise that companies doing IoT create more demand for large-scale data storage. Other culprits include online video and AI. When will we see "Hoarders: Data Center edition"?

According to the Scientific American, IoT devices are now being cryptojacked.

Even weirder, hackers connected an IoT digital parking payment kiosk to websites full of adult content. No display, so we guess it was just for lulz.

Far from home

Video surveillance devices are a big deal for many IoT vendors. Israel Homeland Security lists Six Key Trends in Video Analytics. All IoT data becomes more valuable with analytics and video is no exception.

The bigger the mountain, the greater the chance of landslides. The Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences installed an IoT-based landslide warning system in Sikkim in the Himalayan region.

Are you in IoT and in Australia? Interested in Farm-Tech? If so, the Victorian government trials in Maffra, Tatura, Serpentine, and Birchip need you. $27 million Australian dollars have been budgeted to help IoT help farmers.