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ICYMI Through August 5, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/12/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We made it to August! Congrats! NFL training camps have opened, and major league baseball only has another 50 or so games left, then basketball starts. Up north it’s starting to cool down, and down south there are only another six or eight weeks of serious heat. We missed a few newsbits while making more iced tea, so let’s catch up.

School (it’s almost time) news about IoT

Wearables have promised big but delivered little. Part of the problem is communications between devices. Using standard Bluetooth or Wi-Fi takes lots of power and signals go a long way, much farther than needed, raising privacy issues. But using “conductive textiles,” researchers at the National University of Singapore may have made a huge jump in wearable technology.

A University of Miami researcher believes millions of data points from sensors on equipment across the electric grid and other infrastructure will allow us to use data to predict the future. If it keeps the AC running during a heat wave, yay.

Learn how many schools are using IoT in the Study International article, “How the Internet of Things is Transforming Schools“ all over the world.

For those not in school discusses how IoT is “Disrupting Monitoring and Response.”

Yahoo! Finance outlines “How Amazon is Dominating the Internet of Things,” at least for residential customers. Why? Consumers with the loss-leading Echo in the house spent $700 more on Amazon than the average shopper in 2017. Echo owners also spent $400 more than the average Amazon Prime member.

And News believes IoT is the key to smart homes of the future. Smells like opportunity.

But first, the commercial real estate market will leverage IoT into Building Information Modeling. gives a good overview of the new Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit. Why this kit? The title is a clue: Getting Started with a Safe and Secure Internet of Things.

If you’re a Microsoft partner and interested in IoT, check out the new IoT Signals report published late last month.

Near Fort Wayne, Indiana? Keep an eye on the new Indiana Connected Health IoT Lab.

Have a project in mind but don’t know if there’s a sensor that will do the job? Check out this extensive list of different types of IoT sensors from Thomas.

Have we ever mentioned Russia IoT activity? The International Federation of Library Associations, of all things, explains a big IoT project at the Russian State Library for Young Adults.

From our friends at

As a companion piece to the Avnet Azure Sphere starter kit discussed earlier, take a deep dive into the Banana Pi BPI-M4 with RTD1395 Quad-Core CPU, Arm Cortex-A53.