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ICYMI Through August 31, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/07/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

After two hurricanes last week, we may not see one this week. Next week is a different story, as we’re hitting Peak Season Hurricane right now. Everything backed up? And, once again, curse you, 2020. RIP Chadwick.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 and the IoT Show help you “Prepare and certify your devices for IoT Plug and Play.”

A note from Deloitte to integrators working in India: the IoT adoption wave has yet to really take off. Plenty of time to get into IoT today and see your market explode tomorrow (or at least before too long).

Confusion should be lessened now that the software and solutions provider in the AI and industrial IoT markets named Internet of Things Inc. officially changed its name to Predictiv AI.

Semtech and Helium are expanding their partnership. The early pilot projects supporting Semtech-powered LoRaWAN networks over Helium’s peer-to-peer wireless networks keeps growing. More than 10,000 Helium Hotspots have been sold.

In a related note, LPWAN has been adopted by 82% of IoT asset tracker OEMs. Vendors in the past have supported either cellular LPWAN or a proprietary LPWAN product, but more and more are connectivity-agnostic.

HR 8115, a bi-partisan bill tagged as the Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act, should help eliminate some of the barriers to IoT expansion. Among other ideas, it pushes the FCC to assess spectrum needs to support IoT. And Breaking Defense reports Congress is likely to roll out an Internet of Things Cybersecurity Law in the next few weeks. Do something serious and helpful during election season? Color us dubious.

Hospital and Healthcare in Australia outlines, “The 10 Riskiest Internet of Things Devices in Health Care.” 10 doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except #10 is Programmable Logic Controller, meaning the innards of many devices. And things like HVAC systems are mentioned. Based on the Forescout “The Enterprise of Things Security Report.” Free, but you give up your info to their marketing department.

Perhaps the new partnership between Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and its School of Nursing can help. Penn partnered with Hillrom to develop new healthcare solutions leveraging data, machine learning, and formal analysis.

The power utilities IoT player CleanSpark just acquired GridFabric and will utilize its communications protocols in mPulse.

Smart home IoT integrators may get some value from the new upgrade that integrates Samsung SmartThings with Cielo smart air conditioning controllers.

From our friends at

Worried about security when using off-the-shelf surveillance cameras? Here’s a project showing you how to, “Make Yourself a Video Surveillance System in Minutes.” Uses a Raspberry Pi and a webcam, and only takes 30 minutes to build.