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ICYMI Through August 30, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/07/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

NFL Fantasy fans, start your spreadsheets! The newly-shortened preseason, now three games rather than four, finished Sunday. The elongated season, now 17 games rather than 16, starts on Thursday night, September 9th, as the Dallas Cowboys travel to play the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most expect Tampa Bay to be a rather rude host.

This article gets a little overwrought explaining IoT and security issues but has a nice analogy. Bacon makes all food better, such as burgers, and internet access has become the bacon of technology. But when everything’s online it can lead to problems.

Readers in India will appreciate this article on the best IoT products you can buy there. In a related story, The Telegraph discusses phone-maker Xiaomi’s push into IoT for the Indian market.

Some decent basic Wi-Fi network security tips, including a separate network for all IoT devices rather than adding them to the network your computers use.

Senet has added a shiny new patent for “gateway onboarding for IoT networks” to its LoRaWAN low-power wide area networking product.

Here’s a look from some lawyers at how countries handle legal questions about tracking in cookies on IoT.

Franchise Times examines how IoT helps restaurant labor problems.

Commercial real estaters may prefer this Yahoo! Finance article about improving air quality with IoT. Fewer gasping employees is a good thing.

In RFID Journal, you can read about how a project in Mexico City uses IoT to keep drinking water safe for schoolchildren.

This article on LinkedIn emphasizes that IoT means Internet of Things, not Thing, and that opens a big can of networked worms.

Here’s a nice dive into what Elon and SpaceX are really doing with IoT. Spoiler? Lots.

KORE IoT integrators signed a multinational contract with global LoRaWAN network operator Everynet to expand into the U.S. after testing in Brazil.

This takes wearables deeper. Zimmer Biomet and Canary Medical announced the FDA has granted them De Novo classification grant and authorization for what they call the world’s first “smart” knee implant.

From our friends at

Laser cutter fans might like this IoT add-on to improve safety with the SensiCut method. Cutting the wrong thing can release toxic fumes, so pay IoTention.