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ICYMI through August 27, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/04/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Enjoy the last week of Summer ‘18, at least as measured by three leading indicators: Labor Day is next Monday and the US Open 2018, the year’s final tennis Slam, starts today. By the end of the US Open 2018 (men’s finals are scheduled for Sunday, September 9th), it will feel like fall. And even more importantly, the NFL will start playing regular season games on Thursday, September 6th. Baseball may be the game of summer, but football rules the fall.

Big money IoT news

One sign of market maturity? Lots of expensive market research reports pop up. Another one came out this month from ReportLinker titled Sensors for the Internet of Things (IOT): Global Markets. When big companies start shelling out big bucks ($5,500 for one report license) to tell them what the IT and IoT folks are telling them for free, that means budget increases are coming. Good, because we have a trillion (so says the report) IoT sensors to buy, install, and connect.

Even governments are paying attention. Scotland pulled the trigger on a 6 million pound new network tagged IoT Scotland. Based on LoRa (long range) wireless, the three-year project pulled investments from the public and private sectors. Who needs 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi? Not IoT Scotland and Boston Networks, the private project partner.

Retailers were early to the IoT party using RFID tags on clothes and footwear. Over two billion (with a “b”) tags have been used already, but the industry still needs help. A Smart Retail push aims to fix the fact that the average retailer’s data about in-stock merchandise is only roughly 75 percent accurate.

Maybe the new SensThys $49 RFID Antenna with PoE will help.

IEEE fans can check out a new course titled “What is the Internet of Things: An Introduction.

Restaurants Canada teamed up with blueRover Inc. on another step toward Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash: IoT-based delivery packaging that guarantees delivered food is as hot or cold as in the restaurant. Moisture management and GPS real-time tracking included. Unlike Snow Crash, these tools aren’t limited to pizza.

Mobile and wearable IoT

If you like cars, there are many ways to make some coin in the IoT automotive space. IBM of all people certainly says so in its IoT for automotive deconstructed infographic.

The smart folks over at Parks Associates kick off their Connected Health Summit this week with something we didn’t know: 28 percent of US broadband households already use a health, medical, or wellness app. Smells like another IoT growth market.

Some of these same topics will be covered in Johannesburg at the 4th Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2018 in October.

In Puerto Rico, AT&T, Softbox, and Merck are testing IoT-enabled drones to deliver medicine in a thermal-insulated package system called Skypod. Next step: skip the crazy Snow Crash drivers in souped-up delivery cars and develop the PizzaPod.