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ICYMI Through August 23, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/30/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Does anyone have the warranty paperwork for Year 2021? When tropical storms come ashore in Rhode Island, things are weirder than usual, even for our trouble-laden 20s. But the 20s are doing their part, so searing heat will now head to the Northeast to make things more, um, interesting.

Link Labs released its Xtreme Low Energy (XLE) to extend battery life of Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) tags by more than 400%, according to their announcement. In other words, track those assets longer.

SupplyChain Management Review has a great line in its article about moving Beyond Industry 4.0 – Beyond Industry 4.0 - Building the Internet of Production: No crisis is ever a discrete event or never exists in isolation. Very supply chain-ish.

Continue the supply chain theme and read about “Magnifying retail supply chain visibility with the Internet of Things.”

Ligado Networks will start testing its 5G mobile satellite network for IoT in 2022.

Down in Australia, Infrastructure Magazine offers Holistic IoT monitoring and measurement.

No matter the app, customers want it in their pocket. RFID Journal offers, “The Five Steps to Build IoT Apps in iOS.”

The chief product officer of Vodafone Smart Tech, Tom Guy, gives a look at what Vodafone considers important and possible in IoT coming up. Favorite line? “The customer expectation has sometimes been higher than what the tech provides.”

We’re used to IoT services for equipment monitoring in industrial equipment. How about the new Mirion Lab-Pulse Services using IoT to improve laboratory equipment uptime?

Self-service vending machines are everywhere, but they’ll be everywhere-er in Beijing soon, as Missfresh Limited made deals with 5,000 businesses to put Missfresh Convenience Go Smart Vending Machines onsite. Fresh parts? Multiple replenishments per day, and facial recognition of customers.

Those working with consumers might find some interesting advice in the “Simplify IoT Device Provisioning – or Risk Losing Customers,” a blog from Applause, which provides codeless automation among other services. If it’s hard to use, consumers won’t.

Datablaze announced new feature enhancements for its Voyager IoT management platform.

IEEE Spectrum writes about a mechanical hijacking device that IoT-izes any analog switch. Could solve some aggravating problems.

An update on the Mozi IoT botnet causing so much aggravation lately.

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Like to bike? Have a garage door opener? Combine the two with a new project to build a garage door opener trigger small enough to attach to your bike helmet so you’ll always have it with you.