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ICYMI Through August 2, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/09/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

August already? Gee, summer seemed less fun than usual this year, so spend the time you have remaining before Labor Day making memories with your tribe while you can. But this being August, your memories will include hotter temperatures than average in the top half of the country balanced by lower than average temps in the southern half. Result: your weather will be weird.

The Internet of Things Show on Microsoft’s Channel 9 offers an “Introduction to .NET nanoFramework,” so those of you using .NET can put it to work on your IoT projects.

A batch of British universities won a grant to explore the security issues in smart home devices. Called PrivIoT, it focuses on 18 consumer device projects, and hopes to get consumer feedback as well.

In Australia, Queensland’s farmers have access to grant money from the Queensland Farmers Federation to start more IoT farm projects.

RFID Journal says a little preparation goes a long way with IoT and other projects toward making them successful. Sounds like customer (and management) education remains important.

Forbes Magazine is big on planning ahead, and they have a new article with a good explanation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For another IoT backgrounder, check out this “what you need to know about IoT” article from Arizona State University.

Canadian integrators can provide comments to the government on its “Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework” for AI and IoT, especially about IoT device repair and interoperability.

Reuters believes technology, mostly 5G, will drive the recovery for small businesses. The SMBs prefer customers, but 5G might help, too.

IEEE Spectrum weighs in on “How to Build a Safer Internet of Things.” Then they take a look at how Tata Communications and others are helping to reduce chaos in India’s booming cities.

Chiropractic Economics magazine details how chiropractors are jumping into the Internet of Medical Things, or IoMT, especially for biosensors and the like.

At least in South Africa, the “things” in IoT are getting smarter, thanks to cloud technology, machine learning, and more.

Modern Building Services in the U.K. are big fans of IoT for sustainability.

Relay Medical and its Cybeats cybersecurity platform joined the Internet of Things Foundation, or IoTSF.

Banner Engineering partnered with Amazon Web Services and added its IoT products to the AWS marketplace, all compatible with AWS IoT Core.

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If you work with smart home devices and need a display, Hacker TV unboxes the new ESP32 TouchDown with a 3.5 inch, 480x320 pixel touchscreen. Use it to control smart home devices, play your music, and even automate some functions on your Windows/Mac/Linux system.