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ICYMI Through August 19, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/26/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Lots of grown-up glum faces as football fans have a second week of preseason games to help lower their expectations. Smaller faces slump glum for another reason: schools all over the country are now in session or counting down the days. The glumness all around let some newsbits slip by, so let’s catch up.


Few companies have the home products market covered as well as Ikea. Now the company plans to launch a dedicated unit for “smart home solutions,” meaning more IoT-based products.

There’s nothing new in this article about IoT security except for where it’s hosted: a Louisiana sports and talk station. Do you think we’ll hear a caller say, “I don’t care about Drew Brees and his sore knees, I want your opinion on LoRaWAN versus Wi-Fi for smart cities IoT communication”? Nope.

The National Institute for Standards and Technology, better known as NIST, held a workshop last week to get feedback on the cybersecurity best practices for IoT manufacturers framework it’s developing.

If you know an IoT startup in New York, let them know Genius NY (love that name) is accepting applications for its in-residence accelerator program.

Heard about the new OnGo network technology? RFID Journal explains how some space for LTE networking, mostly for IoT, has been carved out at 3.5 GHz.

Are you in the travel/hospitality market? GuruFocus expects the global IoT market in the travel industry to reach a CAGR of 21%, up from the $847 billion in 2016.

Remember Segway? (insert funny scooter story here). The company combined with Chinese company Ninebot in 2015, and just released a scooter (yawn). Also released? The Segway DeliveryBot S2 and Segway Outdoor DeliveryBot X1. A new spin on “meals on wheels?”


China’s manufacturers dominated the global market thanks to lower labor costs. Now the South China Morning Post outlines why industrial IoT efforts must accelerate.

The global IoT security market will expand at a CAGR of 22.26% through 2024, according to Research and Markets. Starting from a total of $16.55 billion in 2018, it should grow to about $51.42 billion five years from now.

The Global Cyber Alliance just launched the Automated IoT Defence [sic] Ecosystem (AIDE). Says it’s a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity development platform for IoT products.

If you’re in digital signage you’re in IoT. To make it even more official, Nixplay Signage signed a deal with PCCW Global for distribution.

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Hot weather means you’re not watering your yard and plants enough. This “smart garden system,” will help.