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ICYMI Through August 16, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/23/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Here's another generational marker: Did your mother cost you a fortune by throwing out your collection of baseball cards or video games? If the latter, read CNN's "Why Your Old Video Games May Be Worth Millions," and you'll understand why your father still cries about that Nolan Ryan rookie card Grandma trashed.

CompTIA's 2021 Emerging Technology Top 10 List shows us the top use cases for IoT and AI. Alas, they don't mention tracking down your old video game collection.

Inmarsat, the company flinging satellites into low earth orbit to support IoT networking and more, announced Inmarsat Elera, the enhanced L-band network bouncing off those satellites.

A new company, LycheeThings, introduced SmartSlydr, a complete IoT tool to automate your home's sliding door or windows. Now you can let the dog out while sitting on the couch using the SmartSlyder robot controlled by your phone.

VentureBeat takes a look at the teamup of IoT and AI from an investor's viewpoint; it has some interesting possibilities.

According to Healthcare Global Magazine, we're now up to Healthcare 4.0, partially driven by patient monitoring and telemedicine (IoT strengths).

Over in England, "county councils" have plenty of IoT options to help improve parking to lure shoppers back, track how much pollution those cars create, and much more.

Newsweek looks at how IoT helps companies take action against climate change. You know, smart buildings and environmental management, not avoidance.

Charity Digital in the U.K. has ways to use IoT in charities.

We didn't expect a list of blockchain buzzwords on JDSupra, the legal news site, but here it is.

Forbes offers a way companies can succeed with Industrial IoT: Start IIoT 4.0 projects with the people who have a pain point to eliminate. Another Forbes article, sponsored by T-Mobile, is, "5 Ways 5G and IoT Could Help Change the World."

The latest Apple Watch has some interesting health monitoring and well-being tracking tools. Apple's offering this data to doctors, but many don't want it. What, a mailbox full of reports every day from every Apple Watch patient isn't welcome?

Purpose-built medical devices and networks have an easier path into doctors' hearts, like the newly announced Kajeet Connected Health, which securely delivers telemedicine services.

GCN brings us another article about a military test for adopting IoT with the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN). is bullish on IoT with "endless business possibilities."

Nodle wants to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and your phone to create the largest decentralized wireless network on the planet. The hook to users who load the software smart tokens, called NODL, to their smartphones is the possibility of making some passive income with Nodle Cash.

From our friends at

Using a hydrophone acoustic sensor and an Arduino-based board, Luke Berndt taught the AI SonoBuoy system to recognize when a boat passed by with nearly 100% accuracy.