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ICYMI Through August 1, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/08/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Did you send George a birthday card? According to exhaustive internet research (no, really), George Jetson was born on July 31, 2022. The Jetsons premiered in 1962, but was set 100 years in future, meaning 2062. George mentioned once that he was 40 years old, meaning he was born in 2022. Where’s our flying cars?

Qualcomm and Mexican government agencies expanded a smart water project in Tekax, Yucatan, Mexico.

Forbes Technology Council member Romil Bahl, CEO of KORE, makes a strong case for the use of eSIM tech in IoT field devices.

Fun use case for IoT today? How about improving early warning fire detection in

large piles of biomass stored outside power plants?

InformationAge offers four fundamental practices in IoT software development, but many suggest that security processes should be number one.

Commuters idling at red lights burn time, gas, and patience. Toronto will test the products of No Traffic, an Israeli startup using IoT, AI, and edge computing to leverage smart vehicles for better traffic flow.

For Scottish drivers, perhaps the new project by the government to use IoT to monitor rural roads for damage will make their drives easier as well.

Experts keep searching for better options for low-cost, low-power IoT connections, and a team of university researchers think OmniScatter with millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology will help.

Can IoT and AI improve education? The Financial Express in India takes a look. The Times of India discusses how the IoT might usher in the next tech revolution.

Just Food says food manufacturers have been slower to implement IoT than other sectors, but use is picking up.

South Africans who rely on SqwidNet can relax, because Sigfox South Africa will take over their IoT network assets and keep the bits flowing.

The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard supporting wireless handsets for landline phones is moving into IoT with DECT-2020 NR+. Interesting idea but there’s no hardware yet.

Ayla Networks now supports the Matter standard for all their smart connectors for almost any device.

Digital signage has become so popular that big advertisers are finding they make up a surprising percentage of their carbon dioxide production.

New to IoT? Check out “Best IoT Projects for Beginners.”

Here’s an update on Industrial 4.0 (think marketing not official standards), Industrial IoT, and some of the ways manufacturers use it.

From our friends at

If you neglect houseplants to death, there’s hope thanks to this project for a smart planter. Not only does it measure soil moisture, temperature, and light exposure, it also uses emoticons to show how your plant feels. You know, happy and thirsty and so on.