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ICYMI Through April 5, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/14/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Tonight in the NCAA Championship, number one Gonzaga faces number two Baylor on the men’s side, after Stanford beat Arizona in the women’s final on Saturday. At least with Zoom meetings, it’s easier to check your emails while the sports nuts argue about who will win. Of course, you don’t need to hide checking out these IoT newsbits.

Amazon-oriented developers can now use Alexa Presentation Language (APL v1.6) to incorporate motion in their experiences.

Manufacturing folks welcomed IoT with open arms, and Dataquest outlines how IoT helps pharma with production and development.

On the other end of the line, RFID Journal shows IoT helping COVID-19 treatments and tracking vaccinations.

Tripwire and Dimensional Research conducted a survey this past March and found that 95% of cybersecurity pros are concerned about the risk of IoT on their networks.

The World Economic Forum weighs in again with “What Is the Internet of Things?

A commercial real estate site addresses IoT security by retelling the casino fish tank hack.

Financial sites love market roundups of the best XX companies to invest in for a particular market, and the IoT market is no exception. Mostly these articles talk about Amazon and Google etc. This one in Yahoo Finance lists 14, and the first nine might be a surprise. Even this separate Top 5 most innovative list provides some interesting names.

JD Supra discusses regulators focusing on IoT devices.

Bank Info Security updates us on the IoT vendor Ubiquiti’s hack and attempted extortion.

DARK Reading focuses on “How to Build a Resilient IoT Framework.”

Digi International signed the papers to acquire LoRaWAN player Haxiot. Many believe LoRa networks are about to hit the big time. Financial terms were not disclosed.

CIO leans toward 5G over LoRa to “digitally transform the enterprise.”

How about this great title from Lawfare: The Internet of Very Cold Things. Yes, IoT invades Antarctica.

Second place in the title contest goes to We Live Security and “Is Your Dishwasher Trying to Kill You?

China’s Huawei has been stymied on 5G and phones, so now they’re pivoting to more IoT products.

An IoT stack for integration can save time and hassle, especially if you take these four steps.

The Indiana IoT Lab just released its State of IoT 2021 report. The Indiana of Things?

You can fly high with IoT thanks to Inmarsat’s new program using satellites for IoT connections.

From our friends at

A (not so) Electric Bike shows you how to add taillights, turn signals, and a speedometer to your human-powered two-wheeler.