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ICYMI Through April 4, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/11/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Are we stuck in a loop? IF Monday THEN new storm system? The Weather Channel thinks so, and we’re inclined to agree. When do we get to ELSE and just have a nice week?

Intel hosted a Student Business Project event for the EHL Hospitality Business School and got an earful of how the hospitality industry looks to IoT to help them upgrade and better secure IoT networks to support their guests.

If you prefer podcasts, Microsoft and GZERO offer a half-hour on “Patching the System,” about protecting the IoT.

Parks Associates’ new article on “Making Smart Devices Smart,” seems redundant, but outlines the three phases the industry must go through to move from connected to smart.

Do you have your costume ready for IoT Day? April 9, of course, and a virtual conference has some events ready to go, or you can check the official IoT Day site for more.

In smart city news, the Spanish city of Fuengirola, home of a 82,000 permanent resident population that triples during the summer months, will deploy intelligent street lighting, noise detection, and smart traffic monitoring. Itron will manage the IoT network.

In a small-scale rollout of the world’s first AI-enhanced traffic optimization system, one of the busiest roads in Melbourne—Nicholson Street, Carlton—has become an “Intelligence Corridor.” Deep learning AI tools and predictive modelling come from the University of Melbourne and Austria’s Kapsch TrafficCom. Honk if you like it.

From the Times of India comes a report on how IoT helps with energy and asset management.

The Israeli company SecuriThings explains how we need to mashup IoT cybersecurity and physical security thinking into a digital transformation they call IoTOps, meaning operational management of IoT in an automated and secure manner.

Time to walk the dog again. Need another podcast? The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “How to Fix the Internet” focuses on security in the IoT and takes less than 30 minutes!

Industrial IoT (IIoT) can be overwhelming on a 2D screen. One answer? Many are forecasting Augmented Reality (AR) as the future interface for IIoT and more.

The enterprise IoT market grew in 2021 despite a variety of issues, according to a German research firm. 22% growth is certainly successful, but chip shortages, supply chain breaks, and other global issues cut the growth from the expected 24%.

From our friends at

Have a pet that likes to wander? Ever wonder where they go? With this Pet Activity Tracker using Edge Impulse with XIAO BLE Sense, you’ll see which neighbors you need to apologize to about your little wanderer.