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ICYMI through April 27, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/04/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Spring continues springing, but along with weeds popping up in the yard, we have storms popping up across half the country. Starting Tuesday, severe thunderstorms will start in a line from Texas to the Great Lakes and move east. Wednesday could see large hail, high winds, and probably more tornadoes across the South and Midwest. Stay home, unless it blows away. Pretty much the same weather as last week, so let’s catch up with some newsbits that blew by.

Got some free time to code? Then check out this Channel 9 video from Microsoft’s dev group on, “Deploying to Azure with GitHub Actions.”

As 5G coverage starts to actually appear, security details will matter. discusses, “How to Secure 5G—And the Internet of Things Too.” And the FCC officially opened the 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi and other unlicensed uses for IoT and more. That means more devices to monitor and manage securely.

You know about the Industrial IoT, or IIoT and the Medical IoT, or IoMT. Did you know about the Internet of Musical Things? Say hello to the IoMusT. Rock on, Garth.

Edge software developer IOTech just signed a deal with the Italian company Var Group to develop Industry 4.0 projects and focus on operating and monitoring machinery remotely.

One advance that will help secure IIoT products is building programmable logic controllers (PLC) with security built-in. It’s now getting closer.

Need some serious processing power on the rugged edge of your network? Check out the AAEON AI edge-computing boxes powered by the NVIDIA Jetson chip family.

If you’re in either the agriculture or worship verticals, you can learn some new tricks during this IoT Playbook podcast with integrator Corey Kirkendoll. His company does both in the Dallas area.

Smart City initiatives have moved from planning into production. Security Magazine discusses “How the Internet of Things Can Improve Public Safety.”

Lately, we’ve all started cheering Big Pharma to seek COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. That means Big Data and that means IoT.

Need a private network? Telit released its LM960A PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) family that runs LTE networking over Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Hendy for warehousing and industrial situations.

Do you think IoT-enabled Augmented Reality swim goggles are worth $199? A Vancouver started named Form just raised $8.5 million to continue to scale, so some people think the goggles have a market.

From our friends at

It seems silly to build a robot to play a game on your own laptop, but millions of people watch Twitch.TV every day. If you want to learn about neural networks and AI and robotics powered by an Arduino Nano R3, build, “A Game That Learns How to Play Itself.”