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ICYMI Through April 20, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/27/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Yes, today is 4/20. Go ahead, giggle. The most commonly accepted origin story is that some high school students in Marin County (north of San Francisco) picked 4:20 PM to meet in a park and spark one up. San Rafael High School was finished but parents were still gone, so the coast was clear. One of the teens later became a roadie for the Grateful Dead, and the code word for weed spread far and wide. There were multiple gatherings planned for today, but no such luck. Nice segue: many legal marijuana growers are big IoT fans and use tech to automate production. And here are some more newsbits of interest.

The Arm Pelion IoT platform signed with Hexing to expand its full-stack IoT solutions into new markets. Pelion IoT is big in smart metering and utilities.

Canadian company SmartCone Technologies used IoT to develop the SmartCone “Return to Work” system. Includes at-home health monitoring stations, thermal scanning for public transit, wearables to enforce safe distances at work, and routine disinfection procedures.

Powering IoT chips can be a problem. Batteries need to be replaced, and millions and millions of IoT devices are in remote or awkward places. Qualcomm’s new NB-IoT chipset will cut power use down to one microamp of current and as little at 2.2v. Narrow Band LTE is popular in places like agro-tech, where changing batteries is tough.

Speaking of power efficiency, Dialog Semiconductor has a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module for IoT devices. Aimed at the connected consumer, medical, smart home, and smart appliance applications.

UK Connect places IoT at #3 on its 10 Construction Technology Trends Impacting the Industry in 2020 infographic.

Forbes tells us again “How the Internet Of Things Is Transforming 21st-Century Manufacturing.” Another good background article for prospects.

Financial folks believe that your technology has arrived when there’s an index fund filled with companies in your market. Hello to the Global X Internet of Things Thematic ETF.

Nice to see that universities are getting some serious research dollars to develop and test new IoT applications. UMass Lowell just got $4.5 million for IoT and cybersecurity research.

Readers now have a chance to test the first 5G service in Alaska, rolled out by GCI. OK, they can test one 5G cell site in Anchorage, but it’s a start.

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Dive into gesture interfaces by building a Vectron AI interface with the Vectron 64 breadboard computer.