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ICYMI Through April 2, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/11/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to the condiments aisle—here’s where we “catch-up” with the IoT news that flew by while we were all preparing to celebrate our various Rites of Spring during the short Easter break.

The IoT market keeps growing

Allied Market Research just published the Global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market by Component and Application. It will hit $197 billion by 2023.

Doing your homework on the education vertical? Campus network admins are being educated on IoT now, so let your voice be heard.

See what the Robotics Business Review folks think about the IoT market, and peruse their excellent infographic on it.

Take two IoT devices and call your doctor in the morning. Or check out the Accenture 2017 Internet of Health Things Survey.

NVIDIA and Arm join hands to make AI and deep learning from NVIDIA integrate with Arm’s Project Trillium platform.

Perhaps insurance is your vertical? Check out the Global Internet of Things on Insurance Market – Detailed Analysis Of The Present Market Along With Future Outlook, 2022 from Research N Reports. Estimate is $42 billion.

IoT systems from RadioFlux wow the crowd at the Las Vegas Convention Center Nightclub & Bar Show.

Security, always security

CyberX Labs released a “data-driven analysis of vulnerabilities in real-world OT networks,” based on 375 production industrial control networks. Operational technology (OT) networks may be even more vulnerable than company LANs and WANs. The Global ICS and IIoT Risk Report details that three of four sites rely on old Windows systems that are no longer patchable, half have no AV protection, and 60 percent send passwords in plain text, yet 82 percent run remote management protocols.

No place like home

Foxconn, the giant Taiwanese manufacturing and assembly firm (Apple iPhone etc.) just bought long-time consumer product producer Belkin International. Included in that purchase is Linksys, a major residential network player. Seems Foxconn wants to get into the smart home and IoT market.

Speaking of home sweet home, read how Leviton integrates lighting controls with Nest devices.