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ICYMI Through April 19, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/26/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We talked about spring a month ago, but winter has morphed into that malware that keeps coming back. Look for snow from the Rockies Monday morning all the way to Maine by Wednesday evening. Read these hot newstips quick before grabbing your snow shovel.

Comcast is trying to grab market share in LoRaWAN networks with its MachineQ low-power IoT networking solutions. Just did the tighten up with Microsoft Azure.

Analytics Insight provides a manager-friendly (non-technical) IoT overview for enterprises.

Industrial IoT is the focus of this Forbes article on tech partnerships driving IIoT expansion.

Intel, according to MarketWatch, is projected to report $1.01 billion worth of IoT chips sold in the first quarter.

Those in the logistics market may already know that Sierra Wireless launched Acculink Cargo, a managed IoT asset-tracking program using both GPS and LTE wireless networks for more accurate results.

Just announced, the Webee Smart Factory offers no-code, turnkey IIoT results designed specifically for manufacturers who don’t want to stop production lines to install IIoT devices.

Dark Reading says, “Security Gaps in IoT Access Control Threaten Devices and Users.”

BGR adds a warning about the NAME WRECK set of vulnerabilities found in four popular TCP/IP stacks, and how that compromises IoT security.

Maybe the Virginia statewide IoT cybersecurity contest will help close some security gaps.

Another look at how AI and IoT, or AIoT, can help in areas like smart cities and smart industries, this one from Customer Think.

Google and ADT are playing house, or at least integrating ADT and Google Nest support for shared devices.

If you’re looking for IoT development help, the Hindustan Times offers their Top 10 IoT development companies in India.

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Want to relive that summer when you talked your parents into buying some walkie-talkies? Make your own ESP32 Walkie-Talkie with this intermediate project. Roger that.