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ICYMI Through April 15, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/22/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Every American adult winces when they see or hear the date, “April 15th.” Sadly, some folks housebound by the Spring Snow Smackdown compounded their misery by working on their taxes as the winds howled outside. I wonder if those who rely on computers for tax software and electronic filing get an extension when storms knock out power to their area? And it’s hard to keep up with IoT newsbits with the power out, so let’s catch up.

Retail and IoT

Here’s a nice look at “How IoT Is Helping Retailers Boost Customer Engagement.” Thanks to The Paypers.

IoT in retail is heating up all over, explains Global Market Research. Top players including Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Google, and on and on. Our petty cash can’t cover the $3,300 report price, but you can get more info if you ask.

How to integrate “dumb” items into your IoT network? Super cheap RFID-based tags. Where did RFID start? Retail.

Heat-sensing RFID tags may offer an inexpensive way to track people in a retail environment.

IoT all over

If you think IoT and low-power wide-area networks go together better than peanut butter and jelly, the English folks at Innovation Enterprise may prefer saying they go together better than tea and crumpets. Or is crumpets just a made-up word to jerk around Americans?

While it’s exciting to see a pilot project in Houston deploy IoT-enabled school safety alert and monitoring capabilities, it’s also sad that it’s necessary.

Ikea’s Tradfri smart plugs now (finally) are HomeKit compatible.

If anyone ever wondered if smart speakers are listening and recording all the time, that question has been answered: yes.

Another on the long list of surprising IoT projects: A company in The Netherlands uses IoT to monitor and control algae in ponds, reservoirs, and lakes.

Low-cost IoT systems can help colleges improve the student experience.

A good article on the value of IoT in exec-speak from “Is Your Business Ready for the Internet of Things?

From our friends at, in honor of Game of Thrones

Make your own 3D-printed Drogon dragon with LED eyes. May not get you onto the Iron Throne, but it looks fun.