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ICYMI Through April 13, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/20/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

This year has not gone according to plan. As the joke says, can someone please unplug 2020 for 30 seconds then plug it back in? Even the Easter Bunny, trying to spread some joy to shelter-in-place children outside Philadelphia, had problems. But there’s no need to lose your head over newsbits you missed last week, because here they are.

Device programmers who like the Go language might like the new Google-sponsored TinyGo, a new LLVM-based Go compiler. TinyGo tries to create the smallest binaries possible.

In the logistics market? The acquisition of Fluidmesh Networks by Cisco could help. The Fluidmesh backhaul technology can track IoT devices on trains running at full speed (at least American full speed).

CompTIA discusses turning new regulations into an IoT opportunity.

Those in the smart home market might need to partner with a chef or nutritionist soon. Progressive Grocer describes some of the advances in the store-to-kitchen world in Digital-First Grocery: Kitchen Technology. People are certainly cooking more lately.

Ring has expanded from doorbells to a variety of home security gadgets. New versions of items like alarms, motion detectors, and contact sensors will be available later this month.

Where you live could be a major factor in the success of your smart home efforts sales efforts. Vivint Security ranked The Top 15 States with “Smart Home” on the Brain. Interestingly, Utah citizens seem to be the most engaged.

Work in Industrial IoT? Check out the new Siemens ITO2050 Gateway to collect, transmit, and process IoT device data. Then connect the production processes to the cloud. Part of the Siemens Industrial Edge system.

Wondering where the IoT security news is hiding? Here’s some. Silicon Labs announced that its Secure Vault subsystem on microcontrollers will ship before the second half of 2020. ““The Secure Vault technology isolates secure key store management, cryptography, and other features, making the device more secure by default. By adding it to a wireless microcontroller, Silicon Labs said Secure Vault can be used to regularly update devices as threats are exposed,” says Electronic Design.

SMB Group has a nice graphic on Medium Business Current and Planned Use of IoT Solutions. 63% are already using IoT to automate physical security for projects. 38% plan to automate energy, water, etc. use to save money.

Lawyers are starting to catch up on IoT. Recent example? LegalReader on “The Other Side of the Internet of Things: Cybersecurity.” Nothing new, but it’s sad that lawyers may have to be the ones pushing vendors for improved security.

From our friends at

Face-Masks Disinfection Device” may help you or some of your friends who are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. It uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to disinfect single-use masks so they’re safe for reuse.