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ICYMI Through April 1, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/03/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Although many question why March Madness bleeds over into April, that doesn’t dampen the excitement for real fans. This weekend, Michigan State beat Duke to get into the Final Four. The other three teams are Final Four first timers: Texas Tech, Auburn, and St. Mary’s Catholic Benevolence University. Let the games begin!

IoT business buzz

Industrial IoT integrators already know this, but Quarry from Australia makes it clear: Internet of Things Daunts Some Companies. Close to half (44 percent) say “choosing the right technology and applying it effectively” concerns them the most.

You may not be familiar with the German company OSRAM, but they’re big in lighting and getting bigger. Product Manager Hannes Wagner talks about its DEXAL framework for industrial lighting.

Remember the buzz of news about IoT and beehives last year? NimbeLink tested out its AT4 tracking solution on beehives first to track stolen ones (apparently that’s a thing). Now working with Orange, the Minnesota company’s asset trackers are available in Europe.

Forbes describes how the $1 trillion automotive industry is successfully applying IIoT in the manufacturing process.

One example? Volkswagen and AWS team up to build the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud.

Albany Business Review describes six benefits to consider when assessing the value of energy-smart buildings, mostly made possible with IoT.

Samsung showed off plenty of hot new home IoT products at a recent show in Singapore.

Let’s be careful out there

Lisa Monaco, former Homeland Security Advisor, describes in LAW.COM how federal cyber enforcement is stepping up to the IoT challenge.

Forbes covers “The 7 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats in an IoT World.”

Segue time: Microsoft’s Channel 9 releases new video “Securing your IoT Application with Azure Security Center.” lists 9 things police investigators need to know about the Internet of Things.

This week’s project from our friends at

Digging into how your Raspberry Pi can power lots of IoT fun will be easier if you add a 5-inch touch screen.