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ICYMI up to April 23, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/23/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now that the video from the IoT Day party has been “lost” everyone is breathing a sigh of relief (see last week’s ICYMI for a shenanigans report). Back to normal, with a focus today on robotics and IoT, states vying for IoT bragging rights, and a side of fishtank.

Would you prefer the term, “Internet of Data Collection Devices” or IoDCD? That’s what the IoT really is, according to Modern Materials Handling’s article on IoT in the warehouse. “The true value of IoT comes from the data,” the piece observes.

Tech companies don’t always reveal revenue for individual product lines, so thanks to The Motley Fool for a look inside Intel’s IoT business. Good news for Intel and its partners: the IoTG (IoT Group) generated $3.2 billion in revenue in 2017. That’s up 23 percent year over year. Biggest hint for Intel partners? A big chunk of that growth came not from IoT processors and related chips but from “adjacent products.” Add in services that integrators can supply, and that revenue will beat the IoT device totals.

Transportation companies love IoT and vice versa. You know that tire pressure monitor on your car’s dashboard? Continental Tire and Vodafone are teaming up to send tire pressure readings on trucks returning to the terminal directly to a web portal.

In other news:

  • GetWireless launched its “Alliance Partner” program to rev up pre-and post-sales support, professional services, and free marketing services. Better than a Groupon.
  • Sure, Florida can be hot, but who knew it was becoming a hotbed for IoT?
  • IoT and robotics are like twins, so when Robotics Business Review says manufacturers using robots miss the benefits of data analysis, IoT folks should pay attention.

And finally, add this to the list of IoT security breaches: a casino got hacked through an Internet-enabled fish tank thermometer. Who knew fish could use computers?