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ICYM Through January 28, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/04/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

This is a good week to “shelter in place” for two reasons. First, weather patterns seem to have mistaken the middle and eastern parts of the U.S. for Siberia. Second, Super Bowl LIII (53 in modern numbers) hype has started on all media platforms. Stay warm by basking in the glow of Super Bowl predictions. Since these IoT newsbits weren’t discussed on ESPN you probably missed them, so here’s the instant replay.

Far away

Britain’s Financial Times worries Europe will lag behind the U.S. and China in 5G, and that means IoT as well.

Research N Reports has a new report saying global IoT in the healthcare market will grow at least 12 percent per year through 2024.

Ireland’s Silicon Republic ponders the results of a survey that found almost two-thirds of Irish IT decision-makers believe IoT growth will make it necessary for every town to have a data centre (Irish, remember?) to handle the traffic. Another reason smart city initiatives need integrator help.

EE|Times says the LoRa Alliance announced more than 100 LoRa networks are up and running around the world.

Near and dear

Another example of how the IoT has gone mainstream? When columns about retail from people like Discount Diva say, “The Internet of Things will kick into high gear.“ Consumer oriented, yes, but moving from hidden tech to mainstream acceptance signals even more future growth.

Chrome OS didn’t become the “one ring to rule them all,” so Google is trying again with Fuchsia OS. Will the IoT benefit from running the same OS as smartphones?

The insurance industry will help that growth, as it looks to tech like IoT sensors and wearables to reduce the cost of elder care in the future.

Will Amazon support, or surround and conquer, Zigbee? The smiling box folks just joined the Zigbee Alliance.

You might want to check out the new ebook All Things IoT from Mouser Electronics Inc.

Hey, guidance counselors, tell students to think IoT. By IoT, we mean data science, at least according to Software AG and TechNative.

Speaking of schools, EdScoop details “How to minimize IoT risks on education networks.” Biggest problem? Schools met digital student guidelines with BYOD.