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ICMYI through July 23, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/30/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Sorry we were so early with all the hot summer talk last week. Not only is it hotter this week, the heat has moved from the U.S. to England and beyond. Oops. So stay inside, stay cool, and keep working to catch up on some of the IoT that we lost track of in the shimmering and brutal heat.

What biz execs are being told

Forbes this week reported that a survey from Capgemini of 1,338 executives found disappointment in the amount of progress down the “Digital Transformation” highway of progress. Seems we’ve made little improvement in the last six years. Since IoT tends to be one of the major components of digital transformation (an admittedly vague term), this matters to your clients. Incomplete buy-in from executives and employees depending on the project is one major issue. So get a good story about your IoT projects, tell that story well, and get everyone involved.

Continuing the gloomy outlook, Forbes also trots out IoT warnings about security cameras being hackable. Nothing new and no good suggestions, just more talking points for the uninformed.

Venturebeat talks about Microsoft’s latest earnings report (spoiler alert: they earned lots) but with some interesting points in the forward-looking warnings about 24 factors that could cause issues in the future. Two important items? IoT and the artificial intelligence often used to gain insight from IoT data could impact future earnings at Microsoft. For the record, this is the kind of thing companies like Microsoft build into their quarterly financial reports only if they’re really committed to something and expect to make a lot of money from it, but want to cover themselves if they don’t.

Three IoT stocks the investor class should buy according to Yahoo Finance. Investor Place lists a full seven “alternative” IoT stocks worth perusing.

What the rest of the world sees that’s great about IoT

Our friends across the pond say FridgeCam can turn any fridge into a smart fridge, and makes the case why it may actually help.

The Overclockers Club talked about a study by Armis that claims nearly a half billion (with a B) IoT devices are vulnerable to the DNS rebinding exploit first reported in 2008. Handy that Techopedia offers 10 Steps to Strengthen Your IoT Security.

RFID folks have been pioneers in IoT-type devices for years, and have some experience dealing with the streams of data from devices. Yet 60 percent of the RFID crowd lacks the analytical chops to make use of that info, according to a study from Capgemini.

Logistics folks will appreciate how SITAONAIR’s open platforms approach will improve air cargo tracking thanks to IoT.

Here’s a clever trick – rather than making IoT devices, make IoT stickers to add functionality to existing devices. Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia have developed a process to put IoT sensors and communications on peelable stickers.