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In Case You Missed It

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/12/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to the regular news roundup for IoT Playbook we call "In Case You Missed It" (ICYMI). The Internet of Things generates plenty of news from vendors and analysts, and no one person can catch it all. Here you will find news we feel is important, just in case you missed it. We missed it in real time, so we catch up on all the IoT news for the last few years. Ah, let's make that the last few weeks.

Here's a quick IoT terminology explainer good for newbies.

On a much higher level, when Vint Cerf gives a major lecture about something network-y we should pay attention. Watch and enjoy "The Future of the Internet of Things: Desirable Properties of an IoT Ecosystem," speech at Bell Labs on Wednesday, March 20, 2018. Kudos to the Internet Society New York Chapter for making this available.

Trustwave released its IoT Cybersecurity Readiness Report. Here's the TL;DR on IoT security: still bad.

Samsara grabbed $50 million in growth capital from Andreesen Horowitz and General Catalyst, on top of $40 million last summer. One goal: improve their channel program.

Update that slogan: says the new one should be, "The Internet of Things goes better with Coke." Cue the music as every convenience store becomes an IoT innovator.

How are we going to connect the billions of now Internet of Things devices filling our businesses, cars, homes, and maybe clothes? WiFi, says Verizon with promises of untold bandwidth when 5G rolls out "in the near term."

And if you connect those things in service for one of the governmental entities in NYC, here's their IoT project guidelines.

IoT for landscapers? Sure, now that Amazon invested $10 million in Rachio's third generation sprinkler startup that lets you command Alexa to water your yard.

Coder alert: JerryScript, a cut-down version of JavaScript created by Samsung to run on resource-constrained IoT devices could be just what you need.

Philips Lighting (soon to go by the name Signify) rolled out its new Interact IoT platform. Interact City focuses on all the street, roads, parks etc. Interact Office and Interact Retail sound like excellent integrator markets since they focus on offices and commercial buildings, and retail and food stores.

Couldn't make it to SXSW in Austin because of work? Did you know that SXSW has everything for everybody now, including a trade show full of IoT? At least that's what Tack T. from SORACOM says in Finding "Internet of Things" at SXSW. You know, geo-tracking lunchboxes, smart bikes that track temperature, humidity, and air quality details including radiation, and photos of all the fun the rest of us missed.

Didn't take long to adapt IoT technology to protect pets flying on airplanes. Unisys and its new Digi-Pet system will put your mind at ease as you track Fido's environmental factors such as temperature, oxygen levels, the amount of vibration, and lighting level. Yes, there's a version of pet Facetime as one feature for your smartphone or tablet.

Forbes pulls out some details from a new Capgemini study "Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations." Check out Figure 3, showing areas with quick wins and those with high potential. Highest potential? Environment monitoring.

That's a 10-4, good buddy. At least those who speak "truck" will agree with Grand View Research pointing out the IoT fleet management market revenue will speed up to nearly $17 billion by 2025. Corroboration comes from Tech Data vice president Colin Blair who points to transportation as the hottest area in IoT for the global distribution company.

A technology has moved from hype to mainstream when one of the goliath cable vendors gets into the market. That's why the new machineQ from Comcast gets a look at how it leverages the globally-adopted LoRaWAN protocol (using the LoRa chip and Low Power WAN technology).

Say hello to the new Indiana IoT Lab.

Get your party supplies now for IoT Day on April 9. Call now before your favorite DJ gets booked.