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Need to Know: Developing IoT Trends for Successful Resellers

IoT has become one of the hot topics that every reseller knows they should follow but that sometimes gets lost in the daily deluge. Part of the problem is that new IoT trends seem to go off in every direction, and you need to focus on your areas of expertise.

Take a quick look over these curated stories and see which ones hit your sweet spot. Find the trends that intersect your verticals or customer profile and then dig a little deeper.

For example, this curated list includes how Bill Gates put down some serious money ($50 million) on a future smart city project in Arizona. That's real commitment, and if you share Bill's passion for future cities, check it out. But maybe you focus more on residential and small business support. There's a handful of stories that cover a range of new products from recent conventions, some security, some lighting, and so on. Lean more toward controlling IoT from above? There's some AWS news. Those in the healthcare market will benefit from learning how a father's response to his son's juvenile Diabetes diagnosis created a new company.

Check out this list and start tracking the trends that fit your business. Then remember to come back now and then to see new articles as more trends are explored and explained.

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