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All About IoT Standards

Welcome to our Standards Hub - curated content and resources for your review. When a revolutionary technology like the Internet of Things bursts onto the scene, manufacturers scramble to build products and enter that new market. How do tens of thousands of products from thousands of vendors work together? Standards. Now, the early group discussions and preliminary drafts have become market-building guidelines for the world of IoT.

2018 will be the year communications and coordination changes from critical design issues to minor configuration steps. Standards compliance moved from marketing messages to reality in 2017. While room for improvement exists, IoT integration is easier than ever before.

The editors at IoT Playbook gathered a few of the best articles from the front lines of IoT standards reporting to help you get started connecting real-world devices. Enjoy this introduction on how the Internet of Things vendors are working together for a better digital experience for all IoT users.


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