Review: Kwikset Obsidian Lock Delivers Style and Safety
Combining contemporary style with smart home capabilities, the Kwikset Obsidian lock installs easily and looks great.
Free download! IT is part of that equation whether you’re in IT today yourself or not. To help you under­stand the lucrative relationship between IT and IoT, this Expert Guide includes details on how to turn IoT into a moneymaker and offers some tips on selling IoT as a service.
New RMR Opportunity: Smart Thermostat Service?
Parks Associates data shows half of U.S. households would pay $5/month for subsidized smart thermostat installation with ongoing service program.
Leviton Wi-Fi Lighting Controls Now Integrate with Nest Devices, No Hub Required
Via the My Leviton app, users can integrate Wi-Fi dimmers, switches, and plug-in adapters with Nest cameras, thermostats and smoke/CO detectors, without the need for a home-automation hub.
Overcoming IoT Adoption Barriers
Consulting firm Capgemini outlines the challenges of unlocking the IoT’s value and opportunities.
ICYMI through November 12, 2018
Welcome as we catch up with some of the news in the world of IoT just a day after IoT Day, 2018. Yes, April 9 was IoT Day. At least 61 events took place around the world. Sadly, Hallmark Cards is behind.
Microsoft announced the $5 billion investment in the Internet of Things on its IoT blog. That's a really big number, and while the investment will be spread over four years, $1.25 billion is a nice budget per year to make it automatic for IoT projects to use Microsoft Azure as the back end. 
How Internet of Things Will Affect SMBs
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and work. Let’s take a look at how the Internet of Things will affect SMBs.
IoT Cybersecurity, ‘Cascading’ Failures, Worry Consumers Most About Connected Home
Research: Not surprisingly, consumers fear hacks and other cybersecurity threats when it comes to the connected home, but they also worry if one IoT device fails, the whole smart house crumbles.
Picking the Best IoT Platform
The IoT platform space is changing rapidly. Integrators must evolve with it.