NMF Atlantis
Flood detection system through water level measurements. Data transmission using Sigfox LPWAN. Real-time monitoring and alerts on Ubidots.
Embracing the Edge: The Obstacles and Opportunities for Channel Partners
Channel pros proficient in all aspects of edge computing can build enduring relationships with customers. 
IoTPlaybook Insight: The SMB Group just released the results of a survey on the plans medium-sized businesses have for using IoT solutions. In case you wondered about the physical security market's potential, only 63% are currently using IoT now.
Tuning for the Future with IoT
Case Study
5K Technical Services is using the Internet of Things to help clients save resources and gain efficiencies today while positioning their businesses for tomorrow.
Reimagining the ‘things’ of IoT
By 2023, the average CIO will be responsible for more than three times as many endpoints as in 2018, according to Gartner.
ICYMI through November 12, 2018
One complaint from tech folks is that they never have enough time to research new products and technologies because they’re always running here and yon.
IoT ISBN Verifier with Nokia 5110 Screen
Via Arduino Nano 33 IoT and a PHP web application, check whether you have a particular book in your library before purchasing by using ISBN.
2020 State of the Channel: Cloud and Managed Services Are All Grown Up
Results from our latest channel opinion survey suggest that the two defining markets of the decade just ended are fully mature ones as well.
IoT and Augmented Reality and are a Dynamic Duo
It’s easy to view the Internet of Things as a discreet entity that merely connects systems and devices. But the true power of the IoT lies in developing new ways to do things. And nowhere is this more apparent than within the augmented reality (AR) space.
 Data Defines Your Destiny in IoT
Data can be daunting. It’s intangible, invisible and typically isolated in physical things like the trucks in your fleet, monitors in your hospitals, or machines in your factory. Once extracted, aggregated and analyzed, however, this data can prove enormously valuable.