Tech Data Corp. has added three partnerships to its Internet of Things solution group, all of which leverage technologies from Cisco Systems Inc.
Why Smart Home Energy Data Is Key to Hooking Consumers
Unlocking the full potential of the smart home will come down to providing consumers with meaningful home intelligence insights like energy management data.
MivaTek Exec Explains IoT Platform and Potential for RMR-Building Interactive Services
MivaTek’s mobile IoT platform supports video verification, interactive security, healthcare solutions and more.
ZigBee PRO 2017 Spec Operates in Simultaneous Multi-Band Mesh Networks
ZigBee PRO 2017 mesh IoT network spec operates in 800-900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands simultaneously, enabling signals to penetrate concrete walls more easily.
What AV Equipment Is Cloud-Friendly?
Some components are great fits to connect to your customers’ cloud while others will create problems. Here’s a guide to finding cloud-friendly AV equipment.
Internet of Things in Security Evolved from Old Technology
Without technology like RFID, analog sensors and 8-bit microprocessors, the Internet of Things wouldn't be what it is today in the physical security space.
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June 01, 2017 11:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time
GAFA and the Future of Smart-Home Pros: Big IoT Will Make Us Different, Not Worse
IoT initiatives by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon will forever change the smart-home landscape, providing new and different opportunities for professional installers serving the 99 percenters.