In this E-Guide, learn how to quickly launch your IoT strategy adapted to how you do business today. If you are looking for turnkey solutions or need to integrate sensors into your existing software, we got you covered.
This Expert Guide takes a look at some revenue-enhancing areas to develop your IoT skillset, such as connected homes, field operations, audiovisual, and analytics.
This Expert Guide looks at emerging security guidelines, data privacy issues, the rise of blockchain, and the IoT’s impact on physical security.
If you’re not offering security services to your clients now, you’re putting your customer relationships at risk and missing out on one of the largest and most profitable opportunities in IT today.  
Insights into the latest topics around IoT business transformation, and innovations in IoT security, the intelligent edge, IoT cognitive services, hybrid cloud, and leveraging IoT solution accelerators to build scalable repeatable solutions.
Access this insightful deep dive into the IoT opportunities that exist in the burgeoning cannabis industry.
Benson Chan, senior partner at Strategy of Things, provides an overview of the marketable facets of IoT and describes the current state of the IoT market. Chan further defines the buyer of IoT solutions and services before ending the presentation with IoT sales and marketing best practices.
Benson Chan, senior partner at Strategy of Things, likens where IoT is today to where the dotcom market was in 1996.
From consulting to software development, to premise monitoring, and more; the evolving IoT market presents numerous opportunities for VARs and MSPs.
Before delving into the top opportunities in the IoT market for integrators, Benson Chan, senior partner at Strategy of Things, provides a high-level overview of what IoT is and why it matters to your customers.
This Expert Guide on IoT Opportunities in the Residential Market includes stories on cybersecurity concerns in connected homes and how that can drive opportunity for integrators, smart thermostats leading to new recurring monthly revenue, IoT as a service, a connected CEO’s summer home, and more.
Free download! IT is part of that equation whether you’re in IT today yourself or not. To help you under­stand the lucrative relationship between IT and IoT, this Expert Guide includes details on how to turn IoT into a moneymaker and offers some tips on selling IoT as a service.
Free download! This Expert Guide on IoT Security offers you a cybersecurity checklist, discusses who’s responsible when a rogue IoT device brings down the network, looks at how 5G will impact IoT security, and examines why physical security is a good entry point for your IoT offerings.
Free download! This Expert Guide on Making Money with IoT includes articles on getting started with IoT kits, turning IoT fears into profits, enhancing foundational security systems for residential and commercial markets, issues to consider when connecting your clients’ IoT devices to the network, and why DIY may be the best thing to happen to professional installers in years.