In order to build the world's first decentralized wireless network, Helium has gathered a team with a diverse, yet complimentary, skillset within radio and hardware, manufacturing, distributed syst


HarperDB is a database that optimizes the data value chain for any size company without sacrificing features, functionality and stability. HarperDB is designed to run from the edge to the cloud.


We play an integral role across both the energy and data sectors and interact with stakeholders ranging from SMEs to regulators and governmental departments.

Geisel Software

At Geisel Software, our highly-trained, innovative development team creates elegantly-designed, world-class web, mobile apps and embedded software that not only works to perfection, but scales to f


We make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. We do this so our customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions.