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Vendor to Watch: Soliton Cyber & Analytics Inc.

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/13/2018
Vendor to Watch: Soliton Cyber & Analytics Inc.

SMBS NEED NETWORK AND DATA SECURITY that’s cost-effective, understandable, and easy to use. Soliton Cyber & Analytics Inc., of Long Beach, Calif., aims to solve that problem while aligning with channel pros’ business model by offering subscription-based pricing.

“Soliton’s solutions will enable VARs and MSPs to deliver security technology that empowers them to keep the networks and sensitive data of their SMB clients safe without breaking the bank or having to hire new staff to manage it,” says Chad Kime, COO.

A subsidiary of Tokyo-based technology maker Soliton, Soliton Cyber & Analytics was launched in the U.S. about three years ago with the acquisition of e-discovery and analytics firm Ji2, where Kime was operations manager. “We were acquired because we had a heavy forensics background, and Soliton wanted to deepen their expertise in forensics for the cybersecurity initiatives they were trying to develop,” he says.

The company’s newest product is NetAttest LAP One, a hardware offering that plugs into the network and detects and locates all active and connected devices, including Internet of Things devices. An earlier product called SecureShield provides an encrypted connection between company data and the endpoint, and then extends that protection to the endpoint inside a secure browser.

SecureShield is easy to use, Kime says, but more involved to deploy, so there is “an opportunity for implementation and ongoing service revenue for the required virtual servers, which the service provider can also host.” Kime adds that his firm’s focus on simplicity, reliability, and value offer competitive advantage as well. 

Currently, Soliton Cyber & Analytics does not have a formal partner program, but plans for one are in the works, Kime says. “We have our eye on providing more robust support for partners—dedicated portal, training materials, marketing materials an MSP/VAR can brand, etc.”

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This article was originally published at ChannelPro Network. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 06/13/2018.