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Vendor to Watch: Domotz

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/06/2019
Vendor to Watch: Domotz

FOR CONVENTIONAL ENDPOINTS, there’s RMM software. For everything else, there’s Domotz.

Founded in 2015, Domotz offers monitoring and management software for the many kinds of Internet of Things hardware your current RMM solution probably can’t see or fully identify. “They’re very focused on the network, and the PCs and Macs that are on it,” says Domotz Chief Revenue Officer J.B. Fowler of RMM systems. “Where we come in is all those other devices that are out there.”

There are many such devices too. Gartner expects there to be 14.2 billion connected “things” in use globally by the end of this year, and 25 billion by 2021. In office environments, they range from smart lighting and physical security solutions to HVAC platforms, video surveillance cameras, and beyond.

Domotz does more than find those systems, though. Using data from device cataloguing service Fing, which Domotz bought in 2016, the solution precisely identifies each system’s exact make and model. It then lets you monitor, patch, and secure all that hardware remotely, and therefore cost-effectively.

“If we can help [MSPs] do things like eliminate truck rolls or just in general manage their business more efficiently, we help them lower their operational costs,” Fowler says.

Domotz combines a cloud-based platform hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud with locally installed software that users can run on servers, PCs, NAS devices, or specialized appliances from Domotz itself. Built-in security features include two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption. A new technology called webhooks shipped in March lets MSPs create tickets in their PSA solution automatically when Domotz spots a service problem.

The kicker? The solution’s top-tier Premium edition sells for just $19 per site per month. “It’s a no brainer,” Fowler says.


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This article was originally published at ChannelPro Network. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 07/06/2019.