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Velux Smart Skylights Monitor Air Quality, Humidity, Temperature

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/09/2018

Integrators looking for a new Internet of Things (IoT) lighting control product might want to look to the sky. Not to pray, but to check out the new Velux Active smart roof windows/skylights using Netatmo intelligence that have just hit the market.

The skylights, which are billed as “the first ‘plug and play’ smart home solution for remote sensor-based operation of roof windows, blinds and shutters,” automatically monitor sunlight levels, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide to automatically adjust open/close levels, as well as motorized shades. Watch the Velux Active with Netatmo video.

The July 2018 launch was the expected timeline announced by Velux back at CES 2017. The smart home solution includes a Wi-Fi gateway and controls for Velux Integra roof windows and sunscreening products, along with a control app for iOS and Android.

Denmark-based Velux Group is a leading skylight/roof window company that has been in operation for 75 years. The company has 9,500 employees globally and is owned by VKR Holding A/S. Netatmo is a smart home company that designs and creates smart home products and embedded software.

The company’s devices include weather gauges, rain gauges, wind gauges, security cameras, and indoor air quality monitors. Through its “with Netatmo” program, it develops connected solutions with leading brands in the building industry to be integrated into residential home infrastructure.

Velux had previously announced a collaboration with Apple to develop products compatible with Apple HomeKit, which enables the Velux Active solution to be controlled via voice using Siri.

Velux Works To Eliminate Household Pollutants 

Velux is emphasizing the indoor air quality aspect to the product. “Velux Active makes it even easier to achieve a healthy indoor climate,” says Ross Vandermark, national product manager for Velux America.

“Without having to program or operate a remote, the system has the ability to recognize a need for fresh air and open the skylights automatically.”

The system will automatically open the skylights if fresh air is needed. In an average home, the pollutant level is normally at a low level when people first enter the home, or after effective ventilation.

However, after an extended period of time, daily activities can raise the level of pollutants to unhealthy levels that can cause headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness. Proper ventilation removes unwanted toxins from the home and promotes an overall healthier lifestyle for the inhabitants.

“In addition to the benefits of automatically opening and closing skylights and skylight blinds, the system offers homeowners data on the health of their homes,” adds Vandermark.

The skylights are sold through authorized dealers. 


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This article was originally published at CEPro. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 07/09/2018.