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Join us July 7th: IoT Playbook Online Forum!

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/20/2020

Join the IoT Playbook team as they partner with RIOT to present a day of online learning and networking.

Who should attend: IoT consultants, decision makers, and solution providers looking to expand their understanding of IoT solutions and learn best practices for starting and growing an IoT services business. You will hear from experts on the products, trends, and vertical markets offering great opportunities for IoT today!

Note: This event was originally scheduled as a face-to-face event in Raleigh, but with the COVID-19 situation we are now switching it to a completely online event. All are welcome!

Sponsored by: Dell Technologies, Domotz and RIOT

Full details and a free registration link can be found here.


Sessions include:

Lights, Camera, Action: New Services Enabled by IoT Cameras

How companies, organizations, and cities can enable new services thanks to cameras, leveraging the IoT revolution to monitor, automate, secure, and more. Plus, new managed services to generate recurring revenue for service providers.

Presenters: Tom Snyder, Terry Yates, Matthew Nederlanden, Hamza Ghadyali


Intelligent Video Analytics: What is Possible Today and Emerging for Tomorrow

Analytics are a hot topic today in all fields of computer science and data processing, cleverly wrapped in buzz words like artificial intelligence and machine learning. To implement analytics, it’s important to move past the hype and look pragmatically for use cases of how these technologies can be leveraged to move metrics and solve problems. In this session, Kevin Taylor, Smart City Segment Development Manager, Axis Communications, will address what classifications of analytics exist, what types are preferred for specific video analytic use cases, and why open platforms and edge processing are important to smart city solutions.

Presenters: Amber Cobb, Kevin Taylor, Karen Lindquist, Ian Pitts


The Elephant in the Server: Structuring and Managing Video Data

Today’s IP-connected cameras create massive volumes of data that are far, far larger than traditional email and file systems. Organizations that can manage the sheer volume of data are at a huge advantage. One step further—organizations that can create interoperable data structures (formatted in a way that multiple systems can use) can leverage camera data in more than one way, for more than one purpose, and potentially for more than one service line. Join us for this session to discuss camera data and best practices for data structures and data management.

Presenters: Mark Smith, Luis Alvarez


Connectivity and Security Policy Perspective

Presenters: Lauren Sands


How MSPs Can Utilize the IoT to Drive Exponential Growth

There are two main choices businesses have to generate revenue and drive growth, build your own products and customer experiences or choose an existing product to partner with. Both have the potential for massive growth, but not without challenges.

Presenters: Mark Smith, Luis Alvarez, Taylor Clark