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Join Me in Sydney & Learn How You Can Build IoT Solutions with Endless Possibilities

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/05/2019
Rodney Clark

IoT solutions have the potential to completely transform your business and increase profitability to your bottom line. And after witnessing Microsoft’s involvement with more than 1,000 IoT deployments, I have not only seen firsthand how IoT can transform companies but also gained valuable insights around how you can drive new growth for your business.

I will be speaking during the Executive Keynote on how Microsoft is enabling partners across the IoT value chain to design, build and scale IoT solutions from edge to cloud. Whether your current goal is to meet new business objectives or incorporate end-to-end IoT security, this event is a wonderful opportunity to see how other partners and customers are putting IoT into action – and see how you can work and collaborate with the ecosystem both now and into the future.  

Register here for the Sydney IoT in Action event on March 19.

Rodney Clark, Vice President | IoT & Mixed Reality Sales