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Increase in Industrial IoT Attacks Expected, Report Says

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/14/2018
Increase in Industrial IoT Attacks Expected, Report Says

Ninety-six percent of IT security professionals are expecting attacks on critical Industrial IoT(IIOT) infrastructure segments such as energy, utilities, government, healthcare and finance, according to a recent study by IT security company Tripwire.

The study, which consisted of 403 IT security professionals worldwide, revealed that 51% do not feel prepared for such attacks and an overwhelming majority feel additional precautions are needed to adequately secure IIoT.

David Meltzer, CTO at Tripwire, says that industry professionals know that the security of IIoT is a problem today as more than half of the respondents said they don’t feel prepared to detect and stop cyber attacks against IIoT.

“There are only two ways this scenario plays out – either we change our level of preparation or we experience the realization of these risks,” says Meltzer. “The reality is that cyber attacks in the industrial space can have significant consequences in terms of safety and the availability of critical operations.”

Additional IIoT Survey Findings:

  • 90% expect IIoT deployment to increase
  • 94% expect IIoT to increase risk and vulnerability in their organizations
  • 96% of larger companies and 93% of smaller companies expect a significant increase in risk caused by using IIoT
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This article was originally published at Security Sales & Integration. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 03/14/2018.