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ICYMI Through September 19, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/28/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

NASA’s rover Perseverance on Mars found organic material, as in potential signs of life. Samples scooped up will be returned to earth for analysis, but not until about 2033. Hello, Mars Uber, can you handle a rush job? And, as always, these newstips are rushing to you.

Diamond dealer HB Antwerp wins the interesting new IoT device award this week, with its “HB Capsule,” which tracks location using IoT asset tracking tools and provides complete provenance records for the diamond inside with a blockchain digital register created in partnership with Microsoft.

The home security market keeps changing, says research from Parks Associates, offering new opportunities for professional monitoring. An interesting quirk? Renters often buy DIY desktop units for easy portability when they move. On the other hand, inflation is pushing up service fees for professional monitoring.

Investopedia dives deep into the “Smart Home,” including pros and cons.

Ericsson will launch 5G services in Nigeria with MTN Nigeria, starting in parts of Lagos, the capital. MTN and Ericsson started working together 21 years ago.

The Times of India touches on some of the IoT cybersecurity concerns in the new computer-loaded automobiles.

The new SparkFun DA16200 Thing Plus just launched, and the “plus” part is a highly integrated ultra-low power Wi-Fi system on a chip.

Info-Tech Research Group warns one of the biggest IT challenges today is when a department with an IoT project informs IT only when the IoT project is ready to go live. Hint: clue them in at the start of the project.

Here’s a quick look at how IoT-based water and sewer management helps communities in India.

The Register in England wonders how to get more IoT projects going in the public sector. Hey, go to India and check out their sewer monitoring, or read how the Com’in Organization uses IoT and AI to manage large public works and general construction projects.

ReadWrite offers an overview of the role of IoT in manufacturing. Tl;dr: all over the place.

Elsys, WMW, and Actility released six new end-to-end IoT products for soil moisture measurement, waste management, cold chain monitoring, and more. After you setup the pilot project, you might need the new LoRaWAN network from Actility and Eutelsat.

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Complete instructions on how to build a DIY simple logic oscilloscopic probe using a highlighter case.