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CO2 Monitor to Improve Health, Wellbeing, and Productivity

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/17/2020
CO2 Monitor to Improve Health, Wellbeing, and Productivity


Improve health, wellbeing, and productivity by tracking your home workspace CO2 levels.

How to build a healthier working environment by monitoring CO2, temperature, and humidity levels with an Azure Sphere device, an SDC30 sensor, and Azure IoT Central.


This is part of the #JulyOT IoT Tech Community series, a collection of blog posts, hands-on-labs, and videos designed to demonstrate and teach developers how to build projects with Azure Internet of Things (IoT) services. Please also follow #JulyOT on Twitter.

Are CO2 levels making you grumpy, sleepy, or sad

Working from home it is easy to close the door to shut out the noise of everyday life while we get on with work. Closing the door can lead to a build-up of CO2 gas, a by-product of our breathing, which can impact our wellbeing, concentration, and productivity levels.

Check out "Indoor carbon dioxide levels could be a health hazard, scientists warn".

The problem is we cannot see or smell Carbon Dioxide, it just keeps building up, and we have no way of knowing it is happening other than getting tired or a headache. So, with that in mind, I figured it was the Internet of Things to the rescue!

The solution

I wanted to build a secure IoT device with Azure Sphere using the Seeed Studio Grove CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor I had in my box of bits. The folks at Sensirion made it super easy to port their SCD30 driver to Azure Sphere. It was just a matter of implementing the I2C init/read/write functions, a microsecond sleep function, plus setting up CMake build. It all just worked. The ported driver is included in this project.

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Azure Sphere Starter Kit
Avnet Azure Sphere Starter Kit
× 1


Seeed Grove - CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor for Arduino (SCD30) - 3-in-1
× 1


Seeed Studio MT3620 Mini Dev Board
× 1


Seeed Grove LEDs Red, Green, and Blue
× 1


Software apps and online services

Microsoft Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central provides an easy way to connect, monitor, and manage your Internet of Things (IoT) assets at scale.

I created a free trial of Azure IoT Central and in no time I had CO2, temperature, and humidity telemetry displayed (yes, the data is real, so we have made some changes at home!). By the way, you can continue to connect two devices for free to IoT Central after the trial period expires.

Parts list

The solution supports two configurations.

Seeed Studio Azure Sphere Mini Dev Board

AVNET Azure Sphere Starter Kit

Get started

Follow the complete guide to "Track CO2 levels in your workspace to improve health, wellbeing, and productivity"

Learning resources

Learning resources: Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path.

Have fun, stay safe, and be sure to follow us on #JulyOT.


CO2 monitoring solution

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Azure Sphere Developer Learning Path

gloveboxes / Azure-Sphere-Learning-Path

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Dave Glover

 Dave Glover

 Passionate software dev guy, @ Microsoft various roles 20 years, Dev Evangelist, specializing in IoT, Devices, and Cloud computing

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