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CEDIA 2017 Keynote: Stringify CTO Dave Evans on Future Impact of IoT & Intelligent Things

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/14/2018
  Advertisement Networking & Cables CEDIA 2017 Keynote: Stringify CTO Dave Evans on Future Impact of IoT & Intelligent Things

At the opening keynote session last night at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, Stringify co-founder and CTO Dave Evans spoke of IoIT, the Internet of Intelligent Things, explaining how smart devices are quickly moving from simply being connected to having the processing power to profoundly change how we live in our homes, and how we function in society and the world around us.

Evans’ presentation was packed with interesting and sometimes head-scratching facts and statistics, as well as several remarkable prognostications that portrayed technology as a hero to some of the world’s biggest issues: global warming, overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, etc.

“The Internet of Intelligent Things will address some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” he said before of a packed audience of home-technology professionals.

What Evans predicts is that smart devices will become highly intelligent as microprocessors become increasingly smaller, less expensive, and more powerful. No bigger than a grain of rice, these super-chips will give IoT devices the intelligence to function as IoIT components where they are able to hear, speak, analyze and react autonomously. In essence the home becomes a living, breathing thing managed and controlled by sophisticated IoIT devices.

Here are some compelling statistics shared by Evans:

  • 100 new things are added to the Internet every second
  • 27 billion things will be connected to the Internet by 2020
  • Technology (e.g., phones, computers) shrinks 100 fold in 3D volume every decade
  • 5G will be available by 2020 and will allow users to stream 200 video sessions to a single handheld device at once
  • Broadband speed increases 2.7x each year
  • By 2022 video will account for 75 percent of mobile traffic

“More impressive than the numbers, however, are the types of things that are being developed,” Evans continued.

Extending way beyond the home, IoIT will be used for a wide variety of purposes, from monitoring the well-being of a herd of cattle and reducing waste in food production and consumption, to providing at-home dental checkups and minimizing the amount of trash produced in cities.

Evans believes that IoIT will touch every part of our lives in the near future—both inside and outside the home—and stands to have huge implications on society and the entire planet. 


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This article was originally published at CEPro. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 03/14/2018.