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Avnet and Tapptek Collaborate Remotely to Develop Beverage Analytics Device

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/06/2020
Avnet and Tapptek collaborate remotely to develop beverage analytics device

It’s been an unusual year. 2020 has presented unique challenges, most without clear solutions. Yet, while many technology companies are struggling, Avnet has adapted and is delivering progress for our customers under fast-changing circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve continued to provide services — including logistics, design chain, supply chain, and distribution — including to customers outside of healthcare and national security.

As a global company, we’re used to virtual collaboration across time zones, both internally and with our customers and supplier partners. It was only natural for us throughout this year’s challenges to reach further and find new ways to help our partners develop technology solutions.

One such partner is Tapptek, an innovative technology startup that is preparing to revolutionize the beverage industry through advanced cloud-based data analytics powered by Avnet’s IoTConnect® Platform.

From low-tech to high-tech

Tapptek is seeking to disrupt the $300 billion global draft beer and $1 trillion fountain beverage industries through its data analytics platform, which transforms beverage taps into data-generating smart devices. Tiny, long-lasting IoT-enabled smart tap devices that seamlessly integrate into existing drink taps will provide accurate, actionable data at a reasonable cost.

This on-premise data directly impacts decisions about beverage inventory levels, brand promotions, supply chain movement, and procurement. The more brewers, producers, distributors, and retailers know about their products and consumer purchasing behaviors, the better the chances of increasing sales and lowering costs. Tapptek’s technology would help maintain inventory and revenue.

Developing success with Avnet

Tapptek knew their design challenges: The smart tap needed to be small, unobtrusive, scalable, and cost-effective to manufacture and distribute. The startup needed a technology partner that could help turn their smart tap concepts into a reality.

“We commend Avnet’s commitment to making sure the design process continued seamlessly, helping us turn challenges into opportunities,” said Tapptek’s Chief Product Officer James Keane. “Draft beverage analytics at scale will be increasingly important to the beverage industry as we provide unique insights and measurements of consumer trends in the bar and restaurant industries, reflecting the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath.”

“The COVID-19 quarantine created its own set of challenges, but we were confident from the start that we could keep this project on track. We’re ahead of schedule at the moment,” said Avnet Business Development Manager Chris Merkel. “Before the COVID-19 restrictions, we’d meet in person with customers. Now, our team has been using video and project management tools like Basecamp to keep things running smoothly between Tapptek and our engineers.”

Tapptek Founder and CEO Jamie Robinson echoed that sentiment. “During these times of ‘stay at home,’ Avnet has remained on course in the development of our scalable draft beverage analytics platform. We are on schedule and on budget, with a plan to pilot deployment in July.”


By partnering with Avnet, Tapptek has kept its focus on developing its patented core competency: delivering actionable retail analytics that will benefit beverage manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. By harnessing the software capabilities of the IoTConnect Platform, along with Avnet’s reliable hardware expertise, Tapptek is creating the next revolution in beverage consumption through data. 

Avnet has been up to the challenge of providing services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re experts at helping our customers develop solutions, even under unique circumstances like quarantine. Keeping employees connected, productive, and supporting customers while many facilities have been closed are just a few of the issues we’ve tackled. Avnet has continued to reach further with the help of dedicated employees and technology — and by drawing on the experience we’ve gained through 100 years of successfully doing business.    

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This article was originally published at Avnet. It was added to IoTplaybook or last modified on 08/06/2020.